155 million Americans play video games, 
spending in excess of $22 billion on games each year.

How do you want to reach them?


Today’s gamers are not children. 

74% are over the age of 18.  They are men and woman.  They are educated, intelligent and affluent.  They are early adopters and they are influencers. They can also be cynical, jaded and a very tough sell. 

Television advertising is prohibitively expensive and has a short window of impact. Online advertising is becoming less and less effective. Controlling your message on social media is difficult at best. 

The solution: Engage gamers on an intellectual level.  

Greenlit Content is a company of marketers, PR professionals, engineers and journalists… and every one is a gamer!  We know your audience because we are your audience. Greenlit’s passionate team of strategists and content creators live in the worlds you’ve built, from Zelda to League of Legends, Madden to Hearthstone, Mario to Pokemon Go. Our lifetime of experience in the games industry means we know what players care about and why they care about it, whether it's the latest squad based shooter, the biggest MMO or the newest in esports.



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