Best of Fortnite Video Series

Goal: Tasked with bringing attention to high-end gaming peripheral manufacturer Hyper X during the crowded holiday season, Greenlit tied Hyper X with gaming juggernaut Fortnite, through a series of 10 “Best of Fortnite” Videos.


Greenlit selected 10 trending topics for video subjects, such as Best Dance, Best Guest Star (featuring The Avengers’ nemesis Thanos), and Best Victory Royale, to ensure the Hyper X branded videos would resonate with Fortnite’s audience. We then amplified these videos across our gamer centric social network, with a focus on Fortnite players, and fans of the Battle Royale genre.


The branded videos reached over 5MM gamers, and were viewed 2.15MM times. With a target of only 250K views, Greenlit overdelivered for Hyper X by 850%! The videos were liked and shared over 90K times, and 20K Fortnite fans clicked through to Hyper X’s website.